Jane Austen

There is a scarcity of men in general, and a still greater scarcity of any that are good for much.

Jane Austen. Now it may be a bit sad, that I am still entranced by this 18th Century writer, but be that as it may, it is true. Watching ‘Miss Austen Regrets’ it is intreiguing to see the single life she led, while writing so many romantic novels, outrageous for her time both in what she wrote and the fact that she was a female writer.

Her novels have inspired works such as Bridget Jones diary, which present her somewhat feminist message in a modern day setting. All her novels focus around one thing, marriage, and watching or reading such novels in ┬ápresent day setting makes you, or should I say “one” realise the stark differences between then and now.

Firstly there’s the dancing. And then there’s the way that women are not allowed to speak to a man, let alone spend time alone with him, unless they have permission from their chaperone or are accompanied. It draws my mind to a club scene. Where women are not dressed in ball gowns, far from it, they generally wear as little as is socially acceptable, sometimes even less! and men do not have to ‘request a dance’ with the woman they like, a rehearsed and structured dance, the sort of thing that looks ridiculous to our modern eyes! Continue reading