Campaign for real beauty

Following on from the negative images that the majority of make-up and fashion advertising brands throw at us, Dove’s ‘Campaign for real beauty is one of its kind.

And it’s a good kind.

Their aim? Have a read of this!…

“We want to help free ourselves and the next generation from beauty stereotypes. Every woman is beautiful. That’s why Dove wants to help women and girls liberate themselves from misguided concepts of beauty. Discover true self-confidence and show others how to feel good about themselves, too.”

The self-esteem fund aims to change the way that women and young girls perceive and embrace beauty. What a valuable cause! If more companies used advertisements like Dove do, the pressure that many women and young girls feel to look a certain way to fit the standards of society would surely be less. Continue reading


Maybe she’s born with it

What a line.

You already know what’s coming next…

…”Maybe it’s Maybelline” is on our lips before we’ve even thought about it. But is this really saying?

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