The sound of a hundred memories


Put on a ‘old’ song and instantly you will associate it with an event, a place maybe, or a certain person… at least that’s the way it is for me.

Like, you’re in a club and that song comes on that just reminds you of that one person you really can’t stand, or you hear one that reminds you of your school days and brings a smile to your face. Know what I mean?!

I think one of the strongest list of songs I have in this way are those that have actually made it onto a playlist, titled ‘Nepal’. (Sad?!) While travelling, you come across so many bizarre, different and amazing moments and experiences that you never expect to experience. While in Nepal, a good friend of mine who I met out there, Kate, and I would sit outside on the roof and listen to her ipod, and with every song we listened to we would be like ‘it’s talking about us’ or, ‘this is happening to us!’ Sad I know, but now when I listen back to those songs it brings a wee tear to my eye, and makes me feel all reminiscent of my travels.

But I think the point I want to make is something more than that. I think it’s the way that music has such a power over our emotions. Take an emotional movie scene, for example. More often than not the music in the background is what makes the scene. Imagine all the dramatic music that features in almost any emotional scene, from heartbreak to joy, from fighting to sleeping. Picture one of these scenes, and the way that the music can capture your attention and make you hold your breath almost at moments. Now imagine the same without music. Awkward…

Music is the way that some people communicate best. When there are no words, sometimes a song can explain the feelings we can’t seem to describe.

A random rant on music? Pretty much. I just keep hearing songs that remind me of travelling, or of friends I don’t often get to see, or of  a certain point of my life. I think music is a great memory stirrer, whether they be good or not so good memories, music is key to jogging these, and transporting us to a place we may have forgotten.

Music is so much more than the latest top 40 or the best selling artist on the radio. It is a powerful way of connecting with our emotions. Well, I reckon so anyway!

Music expresses that which can not be said and on which it is impossible to be silent 

Victor Hugo


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