Maybe she’s born with it

What a line.

You already know what’s coming next…

…”Maybe it’s Maybelline” is on our lips before we’ve even thought about it. But is this really saying?

The general Maybelline advertisement features a beautiful woman modelling the item of makeup which is being promoted. The advert then ends with that famous line; “Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s Maybelline.”

Ultimately, this implies that either she is born beautiful, or it is just because of the make-up that she is in fact beautiful.

As a make-up company, they are clearly wanting their audience to believe the latter, that they must buy the advertised product in order to look ‘beautiful. But who’s definition of beauty is this? Certainly not a realistic one.

Is this not where so many issues with self worth and image lie? Young girls are growing up believing that the only way to look ‘beautiful’ is to pile on the make-up. The women advertised to us as beautiful are realistically airbrushed and edited anyway. Not only is their appearance not simply down to the make-up as advertised, but the images have so often been edited in a way that makes the skin look like it has been made out of plastic, surely not at all realistic!

Is this what we want to see? No. Nobody wants to be presented wioth an image of what they ‘should’ look like when it is generally unrealistic due to all the editing that goes on.

What society should be presenting is a much more encouraging and realistic image for individuals to aspire to, particularly young girls who are so impressionable and need anything other than being told that they need to go out and buy lots of expensive make-up to look good. People, young girls in particular, ought to be being told to be themselves. To be unique. To stand out from the crowd and embrace the individualistic person that they have been created to be.

Surely if this were the case then there would be far less issues with self image and eating disorders, and lack of confidence in individuals. The way that people are led to believe they ought to look and behave shape society. Who wants a society of clones?! Everyone has such a unique and important role to play in society, and everyone has unique skills and things to offer. Why leave all this on the backbench in order to become societies version of ‘beautiful‘?

While Maybelline may see it simply as an advertising campaign, it goes much deeper than that. I am personally a fan of the adverts by dove. A campaign for real beauty is what they’re all about, doesn’t that just make so much more sense?!… At least someone has their head screwed on!!

Maybe she’s born with it… maybe she should start acting like it.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder


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