Basic Information Before Leaving Earth?…

The bible

There are many people who would say that the bible is made up, that it is something Christians read far too much and put too much emphasis on… But lets just say this isn’t the case…

I remember asking my Dad when I was little how he knew that the bible wasn’t made up, and he made the very logical point- why would anyone bother? and also, why would they bother to write so much? Also, the number of different books in the new testament all complement each other, despite being written by different people they all give the same account of events, and can be backed up in certain instances by other historical documents of the time.

So firstly, the bible is mainly an account of events, pretty much the same as any diary or historical document! And lets take into account the number of other books there are in the world, ones talking about even more bizarre things, witches and wizards, goblins and ghosts…but whether these are true or not, in most cases not!, if the bible isn’t true either and falls into the same category why is it so well known? Why is it so well read? and why could most people in the street tell you what it is?

Christians see the bible as a guidebook for life. God’s manual to help us through all the problems we face on a day-to-day  basis. If you bought a new car and something went wrong with it, what would you do? Before forking out lots of money on various treatments and tampering with the engine without knowing what was wrong, you’d have a look in the manual wouldn’t you? To find out what to do in such a situation, and get advice from the maker of the car, who knows it much better than you do yourself.

That’s the way it is with God. He didn’t create us and leave us here wondering what to do with ourselves, or how to cope when times get hard, he gave us a manual.Some would argue that the bible is just a list of dos and don’t, which if followed takes away our freedom… I’ve heard it likened to playing football without a referee that doesn’t know the rules. So when there’s a foul, it doesn’t get called. When someone’s offside, they get away with it. Outrageous tackles? Ignored. And so on. The result would most likely be a lot of angry players, no doubt ending up in a massive fight over all the ignored errors of the game! The game is completely different when a ref. knows what he’s doing, but imposing a few rules to help the game go a bit smother doesn’t remove the fun, does it? It makes it more fun, because everyone knows it’s a fair game, and has some pointers as to how to get the most out of that game.

Again, that’s how it is with God. He gives us pointers on how to live our lives in order to get the best out of them, not in a way which removed the fun. Far from it. God only wants the best for us, therefore it makes sense for us to follow his perfect plan for us….does it not?

“The point of the manual is to help you drive the car” Nicky Gumbel


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